The most important parts of blogging are crawling and indexing. If major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing don’t crawl your site, no one else can find your good content.

Imagine what blogging would be like if Google didn’t know about it. So we must keep an eye on how our blog is indexed. If your blog isn’t indexed correctly, you’ll have problems in the future.

In this post, I’ll show you a simple way to get Google to quickly index your post.

Why do we have to manually index our site?

Google needs some time, about 24 to 48 hours, to add your new post to its index. If you write a tutorial about something, you can easily wait a while for Google to find it.

But if your blog is updated in real time or is about news, you need to make sure it gets indexed.

For instance, you read about Google’s new algorithm in the news and wrote about it on your blog. All of your competitors’ blogs also talked about it. After an hour, his blog was indexed, he had a lot of page views, and Google Adsense helped him make a lot of money. But what about you? Without traffic, you won’t make any money.

Follow this guide to quickly get Google to list your new post.

How Google Quickly Indexes New Posts?

Go to the search console on Google. To use this technique, you must have already Verifiy your blog with Search Console. If not, you have to verify your website first.

To verify your domain in google search console visit SEARCH CONSOLE.


After verifying your domain, you will need to go to search console, copy the link to the article you want to index, and then put it here. After that, you will need to go back to verifying your domain.

Paste your link in inspect

After you have pasted your link into inspecting, there will be a little pause as the link is checked, and then you will be prompted to click the Request Indexing button.

Click on Indexing

With this easy trick, your new post will be indexed after you click “Request Indexing.”

Now, what happened?

When you click “Request Indexing,” Google’s “crawling bot,” The GoogleBot, gets the message to crawl your site. GoogleBot will check out your site and index your post if it doesn’t break any SEO rules.

If your post hasn’t been crawled in 30 to 60 minutes. Check the post, the SEO settings, and so on. Make sure that your blog and posts can be crawled and indexed by GoogleBot.

How to Make Sure Google Indexes Your Site Right (some tips)

  1. Add new content to your site often.
    • Every day, GoogleBot goes to many blogs, including yours. If GoogleBot finds out that you don’t update your blog, it will stop coming to your site and move your blog down in search results. So, post something new every day. If you can’t think of anything to write about, just update the old articles to get on Google Bot’s good list.
  2. Build some backlinks

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