Blogspot is a free platform that Google developed. People who are just getting their feet wet in the blogging world will find that this platform, which is free to use, is ideal for them.

The blogger’s features are excellent, but one of the biggest problems with Blogspot is that it needs SEO. WordPress is better when it comes to SEO than Blogspot. There are many ways to improve SEO on a page. But none of them is a good idea.

Spammers use “black hat SEO” techniques, while real bloggers use “white hat SEO.”

Too much focus on white hat SEO methods can turn into “black hat” SEO, hurting your blog’s ranking in search engines. So, here are some On-page SEO optimization tips that are recommended for Blogspot blogs.

Keyword Research

Off-page Backlinks, social promotion, directory listings, etc., are the most important parts of SEO.

And keywords are important for on-page SEO.

Do you know that keywords are where SEO starts? Before writing a post, bloggers need to do some research on keywords.

There can only be one choice of keyword. There is a lot of competition worldwide, so many bloggers target the exact keyword you target. You have to give up if they are stronger than you.

At the same time, it takes a lot of work to choose the right keywords, so I suggest using a tool like SemRush. Therefore, conducting keyword research is an essential part of the on-page SEO optimization instruction for blogs hosted on Blogspot.

Post Title

The title of a blog post is an important part of making it work well. By default, the titles of Blogspot posts are not set up so that search engines can find them. So we need to make sure the titles are search engine friendly.

Using this method, you can make the titles of your blog posts work better for search engines. So one of the most important Blogspot SEO tips is to optimize the titles of posts.

At the same time, the title must be different from others. Because search engine users only click on unique titles. So, when writing a title, think outside the box.


The use of permalinks is equivalent to murder in silence. Some bloggers are not familiar with permalinks.

This is not required, but other things certainly are. Blog postings’ positions in search engines can be altered by using permalinks.

Keyword Density

In on-page SEO optimization, having too many keywords is risky because keyword density turns even “white hat” SEO into “black hat” SEO.

Bloggers need to pay attention to keyword density. I tried to increase the keyword density by 3.5% in one post. When that didn’t work, I resubmitted the URL. It is in an index, but it is not ranked. Google puts the blog post on page 36. Then I realized that keyword density is a very important thing to do.

It is the most important part of SEO optimization for Blogspot. This blog stays between 1.5 and 2% keyword dense.


Building internal links is the most important part of on-page SEO for blogs hosted on Blogspot/blogger.

All of the blog entries need to be linked to one another. However, spamming methods sometimes include excessive interlinking.

Post interlinking improves Googlebot’s ability to crawl your site. The search engine optimization of Blogspot content will increase due to this. So, that’s it for the fundamentals of on-page SEO for blogs hosted on Blogger/Blogspot.

What’s the point, though, of all this linking together?

Blogging communities that use internal links have a better chance of properly indexing and appearing higher in search results.

Have you ever considered using Wikipedia? If a blog faces off against Wikipedia, it has little chance of winning. Because they employ an excellent method of interlinking, of course, due to their interconnectedness, they will rank highly in search engines. Check out Wikipedia to learn more.

Meta description

The meta description is a very important part of your site that helps it rank better. It will make the CTR go up (click-through rate ).

Some bloggers put keywords in the meta description, which could be better for SEO. A good SEO technique is to use fewer keywords. So do not over-optimize meta descriptions.

This is an important part of making your post-SEO-friendly and easy to use.

Alt tags

Googlebot cannot see visual content. They need help understanding the pictures you’ve sent them. To achieve this, we need to make use of the alt tag.

You can add additional information to an image using the alt tag, which is an HTML tag. Visit the post in question and click on an image to edit its alt tag in Blogspot. The next step is to head to the image’s properties and includes an alt tag.

The pictures should be renamed consistently as

Blogspot SEO tricks.jpeg has been enhanced in comparison to Img-00517.jpeg. Improving the quality of images is a great way to boost your site’s search engine rankings.

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