Are you new to Blogging?

What are backlinks? Do not know?

So, I will explain backlinks and why they are important today.

There are two main types of SEO: On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. On-page SEO is easy because it only involves optimizing our website, which anyone who knows how to use our blog and has a login can do.

However, off-site SEO is very different. Because Off-Page SEO has nothing to do with your Blog admin dashboard. Off-Page SEO involves building backlinks and promoting on social media, which cannot be done inside the box. This blog post will explain what backlinks are, how to make them, and why they are important.

So, What Exactly Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links that go to your website from other sites. A backlink is made when one website links to another website.

Backlinks are one of the most important ways to boost a website’s rank after Google makes changes. When Moz updates, your site’s domain and page authority will increase if you get more backlinks from sites with good domain and page authority.

So you should now know how important a backlink is. Building backlinks is hard if you are new to Blogging and SEO. That is why I wrote this article.

There are many ways to get backlinks, but if you use them, you will be seen as spam, and your website’s rank will stay the same. Now we will look at some words that have to do with Backlinks.

Words That Go With Backlinks

Link juice: When a blog links to your blog, there is a link flow from that website to yours. We call this “link juice.” Link juice is crucial in improving a website’s rank and domain authority.

Low-Quality Links: Low-quality links come from low-quality sites like harvested, trashed, or spam. These links do not help your blog’s rank, but they do hurt it.

High-Quality Links: High-quality links come from websites with strong domain authority and are valuable in Google’s eyes.

Internal Link: An internal link is when you link one page on your site to another. Linking within the same domain.

Linking Root Domains: Linking the root domain means how many Backlinks come from a single domain. Even if you have 20 backlinks from the same domain, it will be counted as one linked root domain.

Anchor Text: The text used as a link is called “anchor text.”

Types Of Links

Dofollow Link: These links let the link juice flow from one website to another. It is very important for any website that wants to improve its rank. Dofollow is the default setting for all the links you add to your blog posts. Now, look at how it works.

<a href=””>AIOthemes</a>

Nofollow Links: The link juice cannot flow through these links. Search engines have no use for these links. However, it also has a good side: it makes your blog profile look more natural. If all of your backlinks are do-follow, your site’s profile will look strange, and Google might punish your blog. You can also use it to link to a site that has nothing to do with yours or is full of spam. Now, look at how it works.

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow>AIOthemes</a>

What is the deal with backlinks?

I have mentioned some important reasons why backlinks are so important.

Fast Index Site

When Google bots come to index a site, and if they find a link to your blog on that site, crawlers go to your blog and index it. Backlinks also help bots and spiders understand what your site is about, which is what you write about on your blog. It also helps crawlers find their way around your site.

The more Backlinks you make, the faster crawlers will be able to find your site.

Important for getting better search engine rankings

Your site’s search ranking goes up when you add backlinks to it. If other websites link to something on your site, that article will do better in search engines. Moreover, before giving a site a rank, Google looks at how good its backlinks are. So, Backlinks are important if you want to improve a website’s ranking.

Traffic from links

Backlinks not only help your search engine ranking but also bring in traffic from other countries (Traffic received from the websites from where you have made backlinks).

Usually, referral traffic is targeted, and people who visit your site need to read your posts.

It helps you get what you want.

For Blogging to be successful, you need traffic from search engines, and backlinks are the key to getting that traffic.

Techniques You Must Avoid

Never Buy Backlinks

Some say that they will give you good backlinks for $5 or $10. Some people will buy them, and then they find out that they are low-quality backlinks that hurt their website’s ranking. They did not help, but they did change how well your blog ranked. So do not buy backlinks. Instead, make them yourself.

Building backlinks is not easy and takes much time, but you should do it naturally.

Quantity is less important than quality.

Low-quality backlinks can hurt rankings, while high-quality ones can help them. For instance, if you have ten good backlinks, they are the same as having 100 bad ones. So, according to Google, quality beats quantity. First, find sites with high domain and page authority and add backlinks to those sites.

Make backlinks that have to do with your niche.

The most important thing to remember when building backlinks is to build links related to your niche. It makes no sense to link to things that are not related.

For example, if your blog is about health and you get backlinks from blogs about science, that makes no sense. It also will not help your blog’s rank.

How to Make Good Links

Guest Posting

One of the oldest ways to get backlinks is to post as a guest. We all know that the old is the best. Some say that guest posting is dead, but that is not true. It has always been a great place to get links back to your site.

So, if you write a good guest post on a good website, they will link back to you. With that backlink, you can get many people to visit your blog and give your website a high rank.

However, it takes much time to write a good guest post. You can only get a backlink if they approve your post. So, if you want to guest post, write a long, fresh, unique, high-quality article that is also SEO-friendly.

Do not put your mark on backlinks.

Beginners often need to leave their marks when building backlinks for SEO.

Do not give all guest posts the same name and author bio.

Link in a way that makes sense.

Commenting on blogs that do follow

You will get a backlink if you comment on blogs you follow. There are a lot of do-follow blogs, but not all of them are good. If you want backlinks, only comment on good blogs.

Commenting also brings people to your site. So, if you leave a comment without reading the post or if you only leave a website link, your comment will be considered spam, and you will not get a backlink from that blog. So, read the post first and then write a comment that stands out.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a blog that lets people follow it, my blog is a “do follow” blog, so you can use it to build backlinks immediately.

Putting together a free template

Please make a free template and put a link to your blog in the footer of it. As you can see in the screenshot, the bottom of the page has links so the site’s owner can get a backlink. If someone uses your model, you will get a free backlink if a large website uses your layout. You can be sure you will get the most out of that template. This method takes much time. But you will get backlinks very quickly.

Add your blog to a web directory.

If you submit your blog to a blog directory, you will get a backlink, and Google will find your site faster.

There are many blog directories, but some are free, and others cost money. Paid directories will add your site within 24 hours, while free sites can take up to 4 weeks and verify your site.

Adding your blog to directories of blogs will also bring you some traffic. There are more than 300 directories of blogs, but not all of them are good. So, only submit your blog to good web directories.

Wrapping It Up

This, therefore, has explained what backlinks are and why they matter. For our part, this was meant as guidance. I am assuming you have established some good backlinks. Please spread the word if you found this article helpful.

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